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November 2, 2016

Too Cool NOT to Try at School!

This post will be a quick one but I found this video on YouTube.

Specifically, check out the beginning, 0:43, 2:13 and 3:43!

Here are two activities that I want to add to my lessons soon.  Have you tried anything like this lately?  Tell me about it!

October 25, 2016

October Music Education Blog Carnival!

Hello!  I am this month's host for the Music Education Blog Carnival!  I am excited to jump back into blogging, as life has been VERY busy for me lately.  A post about that will be forthcoming but for now, here are 5 great blog posts for you to peruse.  Hopefully you find them to be inspiring and useful as we power through this super tough, yet exciting time of year!

1) David Row over at Making Moments Matter has a GREAT blog post entitled Teaching Kids About Emergency Situations Without Freaking Them Out.  It covers all of the emergency situation procedures that we practice with our kiddos and how to present them in an age appropriate way.  Great read for all teachers, especially new ones OR student teachers.  I will definitely have my student teachers read this!

2) Tracy King (The Bulletin Board Lady) over at Mrs. King's Music Class has some wonderful Fall Workstations!  Find out all about them here: Music Workstations for Fall

3)  Elizabeth Caldwell over at Organized Chaos first of all has AMAZING PLANNERS.  If you don't have one of her planners, GET ONE.  They are like the ones that have the initials EC...the famous ones...maybe it is just a coincidence that she has the same initials, haha!  Her post about September Favorites is not only chock full of ideas, but includes examples of super cool stickers to use in your planner.  How neat!  Everyone loves stickers.  IT IS A FACT.

4)  If you have never visited Deanna Stark's website, you need to RUN, yes RUN to get there now!  It is so full of Orff resources, you will just explode.  Specifically, there are great Fall/Harvest resources here: Fall/Harvest Resources

But, seriously...Check out the FULL page.  You will just go gaga over the amount of goodness.

5) Last, but not least, Christine Skog of Elementary Etudes has a post about a spooky, FUN, laser light extravaganza...okay, maybe not laser light extravaganza, but that is certainly what I would tell MY students!  Listening is always more fun with the main lights off and the crazy, colorful lights ON!  The post is called Lights-Off Listening: A Unique Halloween Musical Experience.

I hope you enjoy these blog posts and be sure to stay tuned to MY blog to find out what has been going on in my little corner of the world.  It's been a WEIRD and wild ride lately!  Full of fun with my students!

Happy Fall!

July 25, 2016

I moved!  How do you like the new look?  I am so excited to dive into blogging more seriously because I sure do have a lot to say!  In the mean time, enjoy this FOREVER FREEBIE!

 Wipetastic FREEBIE